Who We Are

Five Statements Describe Our Church In General:

Classic Reformed Theology

Contemporary and Historic Music

Family Inclusive Sunday Service

Devotion to Prayer

Cooperation with the Larger Body of Christ

Reformed in Doctrine, Evangelical in Practice ~

We believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. We believe that it is effective (powerful) in producing faith in the heart and transformation in character. We teach the scriptures themselves (over trending popular books) because we trust in them.

The preaching at Christ Community is expository (this means that the point of the text is the point of the sermon).

Our Pastor preaches from the ESV version of the Bible.

Our Music is contemporary and historic, always biblical in content and theologically rich.

Communion is offered weekly at CC.

We recite portions of the “New City Catechism” during our Sunday Service to summarize/memorize our faith and pass it down to the next generation.

We practice believer’s baptism by immersion (not infant). However, we will perform a baby (parent) dedication ceremony upon request.

Devoted to Prayer ~

Prayer time is a regular feature of our Sunday Service. Our Men’s and Women’s Bible studies devote large amounts of time, each week, to prayer.


Christian People Living Life in Fellowship ~

Sharing, love, care, and concern are lived out on a daily basis. Christ Community is a place to know and to be known by others. We practice membership and call people to make a vital commitment to all the other members.


Family Inclusive ~

Christ Community is a church that wants the children/youth in the Sunday Service alongside their parents. We believe, in general, that children learn best by participating in the Sunday Service with their parents.

Having said this, we do provide child care for ages 9 months to 4 years of age during the Sunday Service.


The Elderly are Given Honor, Care, and Consideration ~

Respect for, and consideration of, older people is a high value at Christ Community.

Youth ~

We believe the church’s role is to support parents in teaching their youth the Word of God. As part of this responsibility, we offer age-appropriate Bible classes during our Wednesday evening Bible study.


Cooperative with the Larger Body of Christ ~

While we may not always agree with other churches in doctrine and practice, we respect all who proclaim salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. We will serve them and work alongside them together for the gospel.

Joining God as He Works ~

Rather than building a crowd/church according to a business model or other (man-made) strategies, we constantly look for God’s providential work in the lives of people and the congregation as a whole. When He moves, we move. When He works, we work. When He is silent, we wait and pray. God will add or subtract people according to His will and timetable.

The Church Just Being the Church ~

Our church doesn’t have a heavy load of programs, ministries and community service projects on purpose. We want people to focus on their families and their vocations (jobs). We want you to be strengthened by the word, communion, fellowship, and prayer. Love your family. Work hard at your job. Then take time for adequate rest. The church is here to support you, not over work you.

Those who have a strong desire towards community service should do so right alongside their unbelieving neighbors and friends in cooperation with the charitable organizations in our larger community.

Our Pastors are not community service directors, politicians or culture warriors. They are ordained ministers of the Word and Sacrament. They are under-shepherds who teach, pray for, care for, and guard the flock of God.

Polity ~

Our church government is the Eldership model, with the Pastor providing leadership and a plurality of Elders providing co-leadership and protection. Deacons take care of practical and material needs. They also promote and protect the unity of the church. Most importantly, they look out for widows, the sick, the poor and the helpless among us. The Congregation itself elects its own leaders, approves newcomers into membership and will be consulted, should the need arise, in cases of church discipline.

Christ Community is Complementarian in its view of male/female roles in the church. Women are equal to men in value, but are called upon by God to serve in different roles. Only males may serve in the offices of Pastor, Elder or Deacon.


Deeper Doctrinal Issues ~

For those who care deeply about Doctrine/Theology Issues:

We are Covenantal in our Hermeneutic (not Dispensational)

Reformed in Our Doctrine

Reformed in Our View of Sanctification

A Mix of Reformed and Evangelical in Our Practice

End Times:

Christ Community teaches that Jesus Christ is coming again. There will be a resurrection, judgement and a new heavens and a new earth. God’s enemies will be consigned to hell for eternity. Other than these basics, we do not take an official stance on various end times theories. Our Pastor, however, is personally a-millennial. He teaches from that perspective.


Charismatic Issues  ~

While we love and respect our charismatic brothers and sisters in Christ, we don’t promote or practice what are commonly referred to as “sign gifts.” (Speaking in Tongues, etc). We don’t forbid them either, we just ask those who believe in these things to practice them in their private worship time.

We do pray regularly for healing of the sick. We do so in faith.

Our Associations ~

Walking alone isn’t good for people or churches. Christ Community is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention. We participate financially in the SBC’s cooperative program which helps to plant new churches and supports mission works around the world. Locally, we are associated with the Cochise Baptist Association, a very diverse group of churches.

If God has called you to join us, we look forward to worshiping Him together.